Hi Hat Standard Poodles



A Match Made in Heaven with High Standards in Mind..

With type and soundness in mind, breedings are chosen to conform to breed standard, along with good health,temperament, trainability and adaptability. Puppies are home-raised, provided the best possible vet care and nutrition. All parents are health-tested to eliminate genetic flaws.  The puppy's early life is geared toward proper socialization and physical growth through thermal, tactile stimulation, and motor locomotion stimuli. Our goal is a well-socialized, confident and trainable puppy. Some studies indicate genetics may account for 35% of personality/performance, while the remaining 65% may be influenced by socialization, environment, training and nutrition.

The critical socialization period for puppies is 4-14 weeks. With that in mind, our puppies play the "Social Butterfly" game which we will ask you to join in at home. Each puppy should have three or four new encounters each week during the first 100 days they live with you.. A "Social Butterfly Checklist" will be sent home with you. (Example: Your puppy should: meet a person wearing a hat, ride in a car, visit a store, hear a doorbell, have their nails trimmed, see children riding bikes, meet an elderly person, meet another puppy, talk to a person in uniform, listen to a crying baby, watch a stranger approach your home door or car door, be introduced to a cat, etc.)

Our puppies are also temperament tested (Vollhard Puppy Aptitude Test) in order to place each puppy in the best possible home for companion, show, performance, etc.



Hi Hat Lovey Dovey de Mithril is a charming, athletic girl, both capable and bold.  Now a loving dam to 14 gorgeous silver pups:  10 females and 4 males.  See her health testing here:  


Sire of the the litter is UKC Grand Champion Bear Cove's Star Dust of Amandi.  He is fully health tested, see link here:  http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1559345#animal
Dante (his call name) is a stud with amazing movement, dense coat, and EXCELLENT temperament.  I have known him since he was just a young pup, and have never been so impressed with his willingness to please, and his always pleasant demeanor.  I fully expect him to pass these wonderful qualities to this litter of puppies!
FROLIC, female
DJIBOUTI, female (reserved)
COLLIE, female (reserved)
BONNET, female (reserved)
TEMPEST, female
JOLENE, female
RINGLING, female
POLISH, female
KNOTS, male (reserved)
WALL ST, male (reserved)
GUSTER, male (reserved)
STEEMER, male (reserved)
CORRINA, female
RIDDLE, female

We are so very proud to announce the arrival of 14 Hi Hat Standard Poodle puppies on April 25th, 2015.  Dovey and all her silver babies are thriving!